Getting a trademark registration is the easy part.

Getting a trademark registration should be relatively straightforward (especially if you use Revomark).

Planning for life after your trademark is child’s play. Except here lies a crucial point – many businesses don’t, which can prove costly.

Hopefully your product or service is of a high quality. You probably think it is – after all, that’s why you want to protect it. But if it’s so good that the popularity of it soars and it gets bigger than you ever thought, it could give you an unexpected problem.

You could end up suffering from generic anonymity.

What do I mean by this?

Well, in life there are many terms that we use that we probably think are commonplace, generic words, but they’re in fact registered and active trademarks.

Here are some examples:


Bubble Wrap





Jet Ski





Stanley Knife

Super Glue

Saving the best till last of course, probably the most famous registered trademark to have its identity stripped away: Hoover.

So what can we learn?

Well, that list was a quick foray across the alphabet and is merely a snippet of the truth. There are too many trademarks in everyday usage to count and no industry is safe.

Why does it happen?

If often happens when the trademark owners aren’t on the ball. If a trademark is used properly, it’s very clear that the trademark is the exclusive property of the owner every time that business communicates with the world.

So make sure you don’t ever use any inconsistent marketing and sloppy labelling, because you don’t want consumers to become confused. Your trademark is one thing, the name of your product or service is another.

The International Trademark Association once said that the destruction of the trademark often happens by accident – even if the owner is involved in the activity that’s causing the problem, they won’t be aware of the implications.

So now you know. If you have got your trademark registration , congratulations. Just make sure you use it properly failing which you may lose it.

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