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Trademark Advice:

We provide free pre-filing advice on any issue relating to trademarks and trademark registration. We advise on issues such as:

Choosing a suitable, acceptable and registrable trademark

In order to be registrable a trademark must be distinctive. In other words it must be capable of distinguishing your goods or services from those of your competitors. You cannot register a trademark which is descriptive, generic or non-distinctive. We know what can and cannot be registered and advise on all issues concerning the inherent registrability of a trademark.

The classification of trademarks

The classification of trademarks can be complicated and confusing. Trademarks are classified into 45 different classes. There are 34 goods classes and 11 service classes. Ensuring that your trademark is protected in the correct classes is imperative. If you register a trademark in the incorrect class then your trademark registration may not give you any protection at all. In most instances you are only likely to find this out during a dispute with a third party in which case it is usually too late.

Trademark Searches:

Prior to commencing use of a trademark it is important to conduct a trademark search. This will allow you to ascertain firstly whether the trademark is available for registration and secondly whether or not your use of the trademark infringes a third party’s registered or unregistered trademark rights. RevoMark specialises in conducting, analysing and reporting trademark searches. We make use of highly sophisticated software to search the trademark databases and have significant expertise and experience in this area.

Trademark searching is best left to the professionals. Analysing search results can be extremely difficult and requires specialist knowledge of trademark law and practice. Accurate search results require human analysis. Distinguishable goods or services often fall into the same class and automated search results are not capable of dealing with this.

UK & EU Trademark Registration:

We provide all services relating to trademark registration. We will ensure that you get the best possible trademark protection by drafting accurate, comprehensive and acceptable specifications. We prepare and file the trademark application for you and deal directly with the trademark registry on any issues regarding the trademark application. The trademark application process takes approximately 5 months and we keep you updated on developments as they take place. This includes reporting and advising on the examination report, reporting acceptance and publication and finally sending you the trademark registration certificate.

International Trademark Registration:

We register trademarks in any country in the world. From the Canada and Iceland in the north to South Africa and New Zealand in the south or any country in between.

There are various different methods and systems that can be used to secure international trademark registration. We will work out the best strategy for you.

Trademark opposition:

Our knowledgeable and experienced trademark lawyers or agents are well versed in all contentious matters. Trademark opposition and trademark invalidation actions are a particular forte of ours. Having won or settled 96% of the matters we have been involved in our track record speaks for itself. We pride ourselves in giving honest and accurate advice. Your best interests are at the heart of everything we do.

Trademark infringement:

Is a third party infringing your trademark or have you received a cease and desist letter regarding trademark infringement? Contact us for a free initial discussion to enable you to make an informed decision on the options available to you.

Passing Off:

If you have an unregistered trademark you will have to rely on your common law rights (and not statutory rights as is the case with a registered trademark) to prevent a third party from using an identical or confusingly similar mark. This remedy is known as an action for passing off. In order to succeed in a passing off action you need to prove the following:

  • You have goodwill and a reputation
  • Your opponent has made a misrepresentation in the course of trade
  • You have suffered consequential damage

The above requirements are notoriously difficult and can be extremely expensive to prove. Consequently passing off actions are generally far more costly to litigate than trade mark infringement actions. Furthermore, and more importantly, if you do not have a reputation (as is the case with many small to medium sized companies) you cannot succeed in an action for passing off. In other words no reputation means no protection.

Licensing & Franchising:

Licensing or franchising are two of the most commonly used methods of exploiting trademark or intellectual property rights thereby allowing a business to develop and grow. We are highly experienced and knowledgeable in this area and are able to advise on or draft any of the relevant agreements.

Trademark assignments (transfer of ownership):

As with any other property it is possible to transfer ownership of a trademark from one company, entity or person to another. If ownership is not transferred you will not be able to enforce your trademark rights. The trademark registration can also become vulnerable to expungement from the register of the basis of non-use. We will draft the required trademark assignment agreement and attend to recording the transfer against the trademark application or registration.

Trademark Watching:

Most trademark registries do not automatically refuse applications on the basis of earlier conflicting marks. The onus is therefore on you to protect your trademark rights. Our trademark watching service allows us to monitor all relevant databases. We will inform you of any potentially conflicting trademark applications that have been filed thereby giving you the opportunity to oppose the relevant application timeously.

Trademark Portfolio Management:

Businesses with more than 10 registered trademarks or pending trademark applications will benefit from our cost effective management service handling renewals, watching services, oppositions and new applications.

Design registrations:

Designs protect the shape and configuration of a product. If you company produces a product with a unique shape or design then securing design registration is very important. We can file design applications on your behalf at both the UK and European Union registries.

Client Comments

  • testimonial-1

    "As the UK’s fastest growing private company in 2012 we place great importance on protecting our trademarks. We have used Revomark to register our trademarks since 2008 and have always been impressed with the professional, knowledgeable and affordable service they provide."

    John Bennett / The Genuine Gemstone Company

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  • testimonial-2

    "We have used Revomark for a number of years now and have received an excellent service throughout this time. Eugene is always available to answer questions and give advice."

    Bosco Almeida / Roosters Piri Piri

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  • testimonial-3

    “Excellent. Very impressed with the service.”

    Chris Pinder / HD Cables Ltd

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  • testimonial-4

    "Many thanks for your good work. The trademark registration certificate has been received".

    Joan Armatrading

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  • testimonial-5

    “Revomark has been an invaluable source of information and support for us as a new company wishing to register our trademark in UK and beyond, and has always been helpful, friendly and highly efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.”

    Mandy Owens / Cemon Homeopathics

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  • testimonial-6

    “I am very happy and I can only praise your professional and successful advice. I am recommending your service to all new business as a must when starting a new venture.”

    Alfredo Violante

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  • testimonial-7

    “We have been using Revomark for all our trademark matters since 2008. They are responsible for managing our entire trademark portfolio and have registered numerous trademarks for us both locally and internationally. Their knowledge and experience really came to the fore in the various invalidation and opposition proceedings we were involved in. We won them all. If you want results use Revomark. I can recommend them without hesitation.”

    Alex Mardapittas / EMSc (UK) Limited

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  • testimonial-8

    “It was important for me to be able to deal with a company that appreciated my needs and understood my requirements. Eugene was more than happy to explain in “layman’s terms” the trademark process. My decision to let RevoMark proceed with my Trademark application was definitely the right one. It goes without saying that I would have no hesitation in recommending RevoMark to any other organisation seeking a similar service.”

    Robert Stiff / Team24

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  • testimonial-9

    “We have received high quality assistance from Revomark when registering trademarks and impartial advice when we have challenged any infringement on our intellectual property. It is always a pleasure to work with Revomark, who are highly recommended.”

    Trevor Elsey / Sugar Hut

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  • testimonial-10

    “RevoMark has been a pleasure dealing with, fast and accurate communications backed up by good business judgment and excellent knowledge of intellectual property.”

    Christian Braun / Auctioning4u

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  • testimonial-11

    “Revomark are a professional, efficient and affordable service. There is not much Eugene does not know about trademarks. The advice given is clear and concise and the guidance given is invaluable. I have and would continue to recommend Revomark. We did our research on other companies and found Revomark to be the best match for New York Delhi’s growing requirements in securing our many brands around the world.”

    Nina Uppal / The New York Delhi Company Limited

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  • testimonial-12

    “As an executive recruitment and interim management company whose plans include franchising, we need to own the trademark for our company name. Previous explorations to secure it had not been promising. RevoMark has been very successful in overcoming the examiners’ initial objections, and we now have registrations in numerous countries. We have always been very impressed by RevoMark’s professionalism, effectiveness and communication of the process.”

    Anne Beitel / Executivesonline

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  • testimonial-13

    “Mirabeau Wine has used Revomark on several occasions and each time we have been impressed with their efficiency and advice. Registering Trade Marks can be straightforward, but they can also turn into a nightmare (as we found out) and it was good to have Revomark there for some straight-talking advice.”

    Stephen Cronk / Mirabeau Wine

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  • testimonial-14

    “A third party stole my trademark and registered it without me knowing. RevoMark were absolutely fantastic and helped me invalidate their registration and secure the trademark for myself. I even had a portion of my costs refunded. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

    Jamie Adenuga / Boy Better Know

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  • testimonial-15

    “Eugene at Revomark is always my first port of call on any trademark related matter. He is extremely knowledgeable, highly efficient and his advice has always proved to be spot on.”

    Glenn Nicie / For Your Eyes Only

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  • testimonial-16

    "We have been working with Revomark for the past year and have found them incredibly responsive and efficient. Their knowledge and advice on how to approach trademark filing around the world was much appreciated. We now have registered rademarks in the UK, EU and USA. I would not hesitate to recommend them!”

    Charles Simpson / Domaine Sainte Rose

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  • testimonial-17

    “Thank you again for your support, response and tremendous customer service.”

    Paul Nash / Insight Driven Innovation

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  • testimonial-18

    “Revomark have offered Wunelli an excellent professional service over the last 5 years. We have found them to be well priced and very responsive.”

    Paul Stacey / Wunelli

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