Understand what trademark rights you really have.

Some trademark battles have a grounding in logic, others perhaps not so. When it comes to fighting your corner, it seems that success lies in spotting when you have a case and when you’re running uphill. Life isn’t always fair – there’s often a difference between what you think is fair and what the rest of work thinks. That’s why it’s always good to get professional advice during every step of your trademark and patent journey.

Dr Francois De Cassagnoi is battling the Brooklyn Nets, with the entrepreneur claiming that he owns the trademark rights to the basketball team’s name.

That’s a fairly big claim and details are rather sketchy, but in a nutshell, the man from the Bronx is arguing that he trademarked the name 10 years ago for his commercial art business.

There are three surprising aspects to this argument. Firstly, he’s claiming that he’s owed at least $600million in damages. Secondly, that team officials have actually promised De Cassagnoi that they wouldn’t use the name ‘Brooklyn Nets’ after moving to their new home in 2012. And lastly, he’s also alleging that some members of the NBA outfit – including rapper and former minority owner Jay Z – actively exploited legal loopholes so that they could use the name.

Many experts claim that De Cassagnoi is being completely unrealisitic in his expectations. Others are even more damning, labeling his argument as ‘ridiculous’. It’s hard to disagree, especially when you consider that this isn’t De Cassagnoi’s first legal battle with the Nets.

In 2012, he filed a complaint with the US Patent and Trademarks Office because De Cassagnoi considered himself the real owner of the term ‘Brooklyn Nets’. What happened? The case (and a subsequent appeal) were thrown out.

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